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We at BStat Staffing strongly believe in delivering the best quality staffing services to our clients and providing our team members with more and better opportunities than any other staffing company.

Our top-most priority is to help our clients succeed by offering them extraordinary staffing services. We find the best candidates by carefully checking their qualifications. We maintain high standards in everything we do, from staff selection to training and support.

Our goal is to help connect job opportunities with people and ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. We have established long-term relationships with our clients because they trust us to provide them with the assistance they need. If you need excellent staffing services, BStat Staffing is your best choice. We are always ready to provide you support at every step of the way.

Our Services

Healthcare Staffing

BStat Staffing staff healthcare facilities with highly qualified, well-vetted medical professionals. 

We provide you with nurses, CNAs, lab techs, physicians, and other ancillary health care workers that are in-demand.

Skilled Trade Staffing

BStat Staffing specializes in matching skilled craftsmen to every job, whether it’s engineering, manufacturing, architecture, construction, skilled trades, government, scientific, energy or professional services such as office administration, finance, and accounting. We have got you covered.

Information Technology Staffing

Bstat Staffing is here to assist you in finding the best staff for your IT requirements. We have a proficient team who can improve your productivity immediately by presenting you with skilled IT support. We offer various IT services, including application development, training, and support, ensuring that you receive all the necessary expertise. 

Our Story

BStat Staffing Empowering Connections

Dr. Tasha McCray, a highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurse with 30 years of healthcare expertise and 27 years of business acumen, established BStat Staffing as a family-owned enterprise.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of working in short-staffed environments for several decades, Dr. McCray is well acquainted with the profound impact it has on both workers and businesses. She witnessed the detrimental consequences of extended absences caused by the necessity to cover unstaffed shifts, which resulted in one of her sons facing the perils of the streets and a loss of personal freedom.

Recognizing the importance of her role as a mother to her children, she embarked on a mission to address the staffing needs of facilities while also prioritizing the well-being of workers. This led to the birth of BStat Staffing after years of searching for a solution.

In Dr. McCray’s words: “At BStat Staffing, we highly value the autonomy of our team members. As a result, we employ a strategic approach to match businesses with top-notch talent, fostering a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved through our comprehensive staffing services.

As a family-owned business, BStat Staffing stands apart by combining our expert industry knowledge, unwavering commitment to the communities we serve, and genuine compassion for our team members. We take pride in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment while delivering top-notch staffing services. Together, we strive to build lasting partnerships, empower individuals, and make a positive impact on both businesses and lives.” 

Weekly Competitive Pay

BStat LLC offers competitive pay! Our pay period is from Monday - Sunday and payment is given every Friday.

Flexible Schedule

Our Team members can schedule their shift based on their availability through our electronic scheduling app.

Referral Bonus

Refer a friend. CNA $75 LPN/RN $100 once they work 4 shifts, you'll get paid.

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